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What Are The Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil

If you are wondering what are the benefits of Palm Kernal oil, then keep reading,  here are some facts about and benefits of palm kernel oil.


Palm oil on a food label often denotes palm kernel oil. There are two kinds of palm oil extracted from the palm plant. The palm fruit oil has a reddish-orange color with a peculiar flavor and is most commonly used in Brazilian and west African cooking. Palm kernel oil is extracted from the nut of the palm plant and is yellow-white in color.

One of the good qualities of palm kernel oil is that because this oil solidifies at room temperature, it can be used to substitute hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, which are unsaturated fats made by adding hydrogen molecules to vegetable oils and are "bad" cholesterol that can lower the “good” cholesterol and lead to several health problems. Many packaged food companies have begun to use palm kernel oil instead of hydrogenated oils in their products to avoid unhealthy trans fat. 

One of the benefits of palm kernel oil is that this oil is cholesterol free, natural nut oil which supplies our bodies with basic energy needs and is thus good for health.

Here are some of the good qualities of palm kernel oil that you should know-

Palm kernel oil is naturally semi-solid at room temperature and thus does not require hydrogenation. It is a therefore a good replacement for hydrogenated oils. This is one of the many good qualities of palm kernel oil that make this oil so different from other seed and nut oils.
Palm kernel oil is Trans-fat free. So if you are looking for healthy oil for cooking and baking needs, palm kernel oil is the perfect choice.

On of the important good qualities of Palm kernel oil is that it is odorless and tasteless. It is thus preferred by both the consumers and manufacturers.
Palm kernel oil provides the same "hard or solid" texture of animal fat that is required for pastries, cookies, crackers and other items. It provides a longer shelf life and the same quality and texture as animal fat or harmful hydrogenated oils. This is a good quality of palm kernel oil.
Palm kernel oil is often categorized as “tropical oil" like coconut oil and is often misunderstood to be a contributor to high cholesterol levels or trans-fat. However palm kernel oil is different from coconut oil and contains much less saturated fat than coconut oil.
Here are the benefits of palm kernel oil.

The health benefits and other benefits of palm kernel oil stem out of the nutritional content and the good qualities of palm kernel oil.


Palm kernel oil is rich in Tocotrienols - Palm kernel oil is rich in antioxidants. Many studies have discovered that tocotrienols may have the ability to reverse blockage of the carotid artery and platelet aggregation thereby reducing the risk of stroke, tumor promotion arteriosclerosis and other heart disease problems. This is thus one of the health benefits of palm kernel oil as it is rich in tocotrienols. Tocotrienols present in palm oil may also inhibit certain types of cancer. Palm kernal oil increases 'good' cholesterol as compared to other saturated oils such as coconut oil. Thus the health benefits of palm kernel oil also include promoting healthy cardiovascular health.

Palm kernel oil products are trans-fat free - Another of the benefits of Palm kernal oil is that it is high in a variety of fats, vitamins and other nutrients but has no trans-fatty acids which are implicated to increase the risk of cancer, interfere with fat metabolism, enhance fat deposits in the arteries, and reduce the body's ability destroy of carcinogens and other toxins.

As mentioned before, one of the good qualities of palm kernel oil is that solid fats made from palm oil are healthier than other seed and nut oils as it does not have to go through hydrogenation. Hydrogenation of oils produces TFAs along with saturated fatty acids. TFAs have been found to trigger breast cancer, colonic cancer, and heart disease. Hydrogenated oils are also believed to cause development of Type 2 diabetes and impairment of brain development in newborns. Thus one of the health benefits of palm kernel oil is that it is a heart and body friendly oil.

Palm kernel oil health benefits due to presence of Fat soluble vitamins -
Palm oil is rich in Vitamin A which is an effective antioxidant that strengthens the body's immune system and reduces risk of cancer, heart disease and cataract. Lack of Vitamin A can lead to blindness and a many other medical problems. Palm kernel oil is also rich in Vitamin E. No other vegetable oil has more Vitamin E than Palm Oil. Vitamin E is also a powerful anti-oxidant, capable of reducing free radicals in the body. Palm kernel oil thus protects you from certain chronic diseases and also delays the body's ageing process.

Nutritious Oil- Another reason why you should use palm kernel oil in your cooking is because it supplies fatty acids as well as important fat-soluble micronutrients like Carotenoids (including pro-vitamin A), vitamins D, E and K. Fatty acids are raw materials for building the membranes of every cell in your body, including your bones, nerves and brain! The micronutrients keep your body cells healthy and functioning properly.

Now that you know what are the good qualities of palm kernel oil and its benefits, you can start reaping the benefits palm kernel oil by incorporating it in your daily cooking.


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